EMTs and Paramedics With Existing License Accusations

Are You Panicking Because You Just Received Notice From the EMSA or LEMSA?

  • Your EMT or Paramedic license is on the line.

Are You Terrified That Your Life as a EMT or Paramedic or Firefighter Is Over? 

  • Your career and your ability to do the job you love are in jeopardy.

Are You Wondering What Will Happen to You and Your Family if Your EMT or Paramedic License is Revoked?

  • Don’t Panic. Don’t Be Afraid. Don’t Worry. Just as you tell your patients when they’re afraid, “Try to relax, we know how to fix this and we have this under control.”

You are going to be JUST FINE if you have EMS Guardian on your side. We understand what you’re going through. We’re here to support you. We’re here to save your career. Our Attorneys have a 98% verifiable track record of proven success in the defense of California EMT or Paramedic Licenses.

  • We will be there during your investigation
  • We will be there at your hearing
  • We will negotiate your probation
  • We will advise you regarding your employer

It’s not too late! Unlike medical insurance, we won’t turn you away because you have a “pre-existing condition.” We can still help you, and you can still become a member of EMSG and get all of the protection you need. Learn more about how EMS Guardian can still help you today even if you have an accusation against your license.

We Can Help

If you are a California EMT, Paramedic or professionally licensed firefighter and your professional license is under investigation, you’ve been notified that there is a complaint against your EMS license, or the EMS Authority has filed an accusation against your EMT or Paramedic license, contact  the license defense attorneys of EMS Guardian right away. We can help defend your license and save your EMS career.  Call us now toll free at 1-800-506-9766 for more information. 


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