What if you could just do your job without EVER worrying that a frivolous complaint or simple mistake could ruin your career?

EMS Guardian protects your EMT or Paramedic License for $$$ you find in your couch: $0.39 per day, or 1 cup of coffee per week. CSFA  and San Francisco Local 798 Members pay even less!

Your EMS job is stressful enough!

As a EMT or Paramedic, your job is an emergency and you have to be at your best- people’s lives depend on it. But being a first responder, there can be a lot of subsequent fingers pointing at you if something-anything-goes wrong.

With every response, you face the possibility of having a complaint filed against you by nurses, doctors, co-workers, patients or their families.

EMS guardian is your first responder for Career Emergencies

How can you be at your best if you are worried about petty complaints? To take some of the pressure off, you need to know that even if a complaint is made-your career is safe. Complaints are made everyday. Off-duty mistakes are reported to the EMS Authority. The result is and investigation by the EMS Authority which often leads to your license being disciplined or revoked. Don’t let a disgruntled patient, irresponsible colleague or off-duty error jeopardize your career and way of life. 

The EMS Authority Investigates over 400 complaints per year for issues like DUIs, prior convictions, gross negligence allegations, medication errors, errors in judgment, misdemeanor convictions and dependency issues.

Here is the outcome:

California Emergency Services EMT Complaint Resolution

EMS Guardian will protect your license and your career.

Our expert license defense attorneys have a 98% success rate in license retention. Even if you already have a complaint or accusation filed against your EMT or Paramedic license, our lawyers can still help.


Affordable EMT and Paramedic License Defense

You can be a member your entire career and STILL pay less than the average attorney’s retainer for License Defense.


California EMT License Protection Costs


Your malpractice insurance, union or professional association doesn’t protect you when it comes to license investigation, but EMS Guardian does. 

For $11.95* per month you receive access to attorneys who successfully defend EMT and Paramedic Licenses if jeopardized by EMS Authority investigation or discipline. 

  • 98% Success Rate in License Retention
  • No Application – Everyone is Accepted
  • Immediate Access to Expert Attorneys
  • Save up to $27,000.00 in legal fees.
  • Flat Rate- Never Additional out of pocket expenses
  • Easy Online Application
  • Pro-Active Advice: “What to do if…”
  • 24 Hour Emergency Hotline 

You’re on 24 hours a day- EMS Guardian is too.

License Emergencies don’t just happen during your attorney’s office hours-  that’s why EMS Guardian has a 24 hour emergency hotline. 

Join EMS Guardian Today and Know your career is safe tomorrow. 

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provided on the “Join” or “Join Today” page of this web site before submission of payment and the application for membership is considered complete.


*CSFA and Local 798 Members Qualify for further discounts. Call us today for your promotional code!


If you are a California EMT, Paramedic or professionally licensed firefighter and your professional license is under investigation, you’ve been notified that there is a complaint against your EMS license, or the EMS Authority has filed an accusation against your EMT or Paramedic license, contact  the license defense attorneys of EMS Guardian right away. We can help defend your license and save your EMS career.  Call us now toll free at 1-800-506-9766 for more information. 


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